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Yeast Infection Causes

pic courtesy: Free Stock Photos Taking A Look At Yeast Infection Causes Candidiasis is the taxonomic name for yeast infection. Yeast is everywhere in our bodies especially in our mouths, abdomen, under arms, nail beds or any part of our body that has skin folds. For females, yeast can generally be discovered under the breasts and the vagina. If the yeast in our bodies reach more than the regular levels, that's when yeast infection strikes. Yeast infection triggers our bodies to produce excessive yeast and is triggered by a fungus called Candida Albicans. This fungi likes to thrive in damp areas of our bodies. The most typical symptom of yeast infection is severe itching in the affected location. Common Yeast Infections Yeast infection can occur to anyone. In reality, it impacts guys, women and even children. The most typical types if yeast infection are, vaginal yeast infections, thrush, diaper rashes and nail bed infections. Vaginal Yeast Infection The most fr